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Classes & Workshops are in listed in order of the date they are scheduled.

Soul School: A Shamanic Mystery School

Reiki Training

Other Workshops

Pre-registration required for classes & workshops.
Deposits are non-refundable within 72 hours of class start time.
Register by text, phone, or email.
Payment is by check, cash, charge card, or request an invoice via Paypal.
All training includes reference booklets.



This course in Art Medicine draws from many cultural sources, such as pagan magick, witchcraft and wizardry, African hoodoo, and Native American crafts. Comprehensive handouts include subjects such as: Introduction to Art Medicine; Ritual and Ceremony; Setting Intentions; Creating Petition Papers and Sigils; Consecrating Ceremonial Tools; Personal Concerns; Optimal Times to Create; Correspondences of Color, Numbers, and Woods; and Reading and Supply Resources.

This course supports personal journeys and transformations, as well as providing skills to create products that can be used as gifts, tools that can be used in sacred ceremonies, and product ideas that can be used for your personal business. No artistic talent is required for these projects. Just bring your intention. This course is available in person, over Skype, individually or in a group setting.

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There are two rules of the road when you are traveling on a journey of personal transformation:

RULE #1: Know Thyself. –Ancient Greek Philosophy

RULE #2: To thine own self be true. –Shakespeare, Hamlet

"If I am not for myself who is for me?
And being for my own self, what am 'I'?
And if not now, when?"


The only thing we can take with us out of this lifetime is the knowledge and wisdom that our soul acquires. So any gain we make in knowing ourselves will stay with us.

Can you answer this series of questions associated with self-knowledge?

  • Who am I?

  • Where do I come from?

  • Where am I going?

  • What is my purpose?

  • What are my gifts?

I have created a curriculum to help you discover answers to these questions and put it in a structure called Soul School: A Shamanic Mystery School. It is designed to be your Wheel of Fortune. In Soul School, you will complete the 4 steps to finding your authentic Self and then empowering that Self:

1. Know Yourself:

  • Discover who you are.

  • Learn all you can about yourself.

  • Trawl your subconscious for hidden memories.

  • Heal past pain and trauma.

3. Be Yourself:

  • Empower who you are.

  • Server yourself.

  • Honor your boundaries.

  • Be authentic by extracting others’ voices and influences.

2. Love Yourself:

  • Believe in who you are.

  • Unconditionally.

  • Constantly.

  • Know you deserve the best.

4.Share Yourself:

  • Discover your inner prizes.

  • Share your gifts with the Universe.

  • Shine your Light.

  • Be of service to others.

Each one of us is a prize from the Universe to our Self and from our Self to the Universe. Each one of us has a unique gift to give. Your personal prize is as precious as diamonds, more valuable than gold, and the most beautiful rainbow ever seen. By increasing self-love and improving self-respect, your energetic vibration increases to a level that allows you to manifest your heart’s desires with ease.

What we see when we look in the mirror is what the world reflects back to us. We get what we believe we deserve. The more we love ourselves the more of our dreams we can manifest. When we believe we are not good enough or deserve what we want, we block the flow of abundance, prosperity, and love.

This program is a journey of personal transformation that clears past wounds to create the world you always desired. It helps you to develop the gifts that are unique to you so that you can activate them at their fullest power.

Soul School is your Wheel to Fortune because once you heal old wounds, cancel outdated vows and contracts, and create a luminous energy body, you are free to find your treasure chest.

You may be seeking that treasure chest full of Peace, Empowerment, Energy, Health, Creativity, Prosperity, Spirituality, or Love. But I guarantee that by the end of the Soul School series, you will find that you are the treasure in the chest!

Many of us are familiar with the principles of The Secret. We have tried to manifest our heart’s desires with affirmations and positive thinking. And many of us have become frustrated and discouraged when what we thought we wanted did not materialize.

There may be blocks to the flow of manifesting such as: past contracts and vows you’ve made, pre-life selection scenarios you have chosen, past defeats that have left you feeling that you are not good enough and or deserving. Perhaps receiving something we think we want isn’t in our Highest Good.

In Soul School, you will learn that you are The Secret. And that by doing your personal work you are transforming into the energy that will attract the life you desire.

Sometimes the thought of facing our fears immobilizes us to the point that we feel blocked or stuck. But it is the fear of the unknown that is the most debilitating. The biggest step in facing our fears is identifying them in our conscious mind. Then the charge begins to dissipate and we are activated to vanquish them altogether.


A mystery school has been called a university for the soul, a school for the study of spiritual concepts from various sources. The teachings of a mystery school are derived from ancient shamanic wisdom. Many of the subjects taught in a mystery school are considered esoteric because they have not been shared in Western mainstream schooling. And the mystery schools were named as such because members were sworn to secrecy about the rites and inner teachings of the schools.

The term mystery derives from Latin mysterium, from Greek mysterion (plural, mysteria), meaning a secret rite or doctrine. An individual who followed a Mystery was a mystes, one who has been initiated, from myein to close, shut (closure of the eyes and mouth). The modern term mystic is a person who seeks a transcendental experience of the divine.

A mystery school is not a religion but a place of study and practice. Mystery school is not about dogma or central authority figures. Each student is encouraged to be self-referencing, i.e. sourcing from their higher self and their personal spirit guides.

One of mystery schools’ primary duties is to serve the Light and keep the ancient knowledge alive. Because of the massive shifts in energy occurring on Earth today and the critical need to raise the consciousness of the planets' inhabitants, mystery schools are releasing the ancient teachings for first time to the public.

The only thing you can take with you out of this lifetime is the knowledge that your soul acquires. Anyone who sets an intention to learn and takes the action to attract knowledge becomes a receiver of the mysteries of the universe. Mystery schools are a journey of personal healing, powerful transformation, spiritual awakening. Anyone who sets an intention to learn and takes the action to attract knowledge becomes a receiver of the mysteries of the universe.


The curriculum of Soul School: A Shamanic Mystery School is based on the structure of the medicine wheel. The Medicine Wheel originated with the North American indigenous tribes who called it also a Medicine Hoop. Ancient indigenous medicine wheels are circles of stone found in nature. They are found predominantly in the northwest US and western Canada.

The original purpose of the Medicine Wheel is obscure but several theories abound. They were used for healing, spiritual rituals, prayer, meditation, as visual reminders of higher principles, and are physical connection points to the Spirit World. 

Today, the Medicine Wheel can be used to provide a foundation for many different cosmologies. Indeed, any concept that can be divided into 4 parts can easily be applied to this circular model. The most common is the use of the four directions.

The Medicine Wheel is a powerful ceremonial tool and the basis for teaching and learning. It supports the concept that all things are interrelated. The Medicine Wheel is a synthesis of two concepts: medicine and wheel.

Medicine is not just a pill that can be taken to treat symptoms, but it refers to anything that promotes goodness or healing. Common medicine can include plants, healing techniques, teachings, and spirituality. Therefore, the Medicine Wheel is sometimes referred to as the Wellness Wheel.

The round aspect of the wheel makes it a natural symbol of the circle of life. The circle of life represents the broader concepts of circular living, throwing away the idea that time is linear. They say history repeats itself. That is because like all things, history rotates in a circular pattern. Life mirrors the cycling of the seasons, the daily sun rising, and the phases of the moon. Circular living is the continuous cycle of life: birth, death, and rebirth.

The first thing a shaman-in-training learns is to heal thyself. This involves getting to know oneself and then transforming the parts that no longer serve. In order to facilitate this transformation, a journey around the Medicine Wheel is required. The shaman-in-training spends a specific amount of time in each of the four directions which have unique teachings.

Once the shaman-in-training has completed the first revolution on the Medicine Wheel, then what? S/he starts the revolution again but at a deeper level. The transformation really becomes a spiral, ever going deeper, peeling away the layers of the unknown. The lessons become more complex but once the first revolution is completed, the tools are in place to process the lessons with ease and grace.

The medicine wheel if a journey of self-empowerment. We begin our journey in the South. In the South you release the stories and patterns that no longer serve you. You begin to move from victimhood to responsibility. You discover deep compassion for yourself. In the West you clear your karmic and ancestral pathways, healing your past and future for generations. You learn to use your power in positive ways. You learn when to engage, when not to engage, when to stand in your “yes” and when to stand in your “no”. In the North you become self-referencing. You know that your beliefs are more valuable than others. You retrieve lost soul parts that are reintegrated for wholeness. In the East you experience joy and present moment awareness. You are in right relationship to self, others, and the Universe. You are a creator as you step fully into your Divine Nature.

Energy is everything. And so is the journey. So combining the two to travel around the medicine wheel will give you the ride of your life! So why not buckle up and come along with us? The destination may really surprise you!


Like a caterpillar that needs incubation time to fly like a butterfly, we all need rest and rejuvenation between intense growth periods. So if you’re feeling stuck or blocked, consider that you are in a dormant period waiting for the next spurt of growth. This dormant period will shift when the timing is perfect for you. Just because you aren’t moving, it doesn’t mean you are stuck. Just because you’re not moving forward, it doesn’t mean you are moving backward. Trust that you are always exactly where you are supposed to be at any given moment in time. You may simply be on a resting plateau, that place of rejuvenation where you need to prepare for your next zoom period. But if you are reading this article, it may be a sign that you are ready for a transformation. And if you are ready for a growth spurt, I invite you to give Soul School a try.

In Soul School we explore the hidden clues to ourselves that have been buried in our childhood, in our lives in the womb, and in our past lives. Because the key to wisdom and higher vibration is knowing yourself, the Universe (including your angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and Higher Self) will support you on our journey as you fulfill your life purpose.

All distress and dis-ease has a core cause which requires a multi-dimensional process to identify and clear it. Soul School provides the tools and support for this process. Layers of unhappiness and frustration can be peeled away to discover a core of joy and self-empowerment.

Soul School offers a holistic soup-to-nuts approach for healing body, mind, heart, and spirit, with the goal of fully integrating the physical body with the energetic body in the present life, past lives, and between lives. Soul School supports major personal transformations and energetic shifts as well as teaches healing techniques that can be used on family, friends, and clients.

The Soul School program is a smorgasbord of spiritual concepts where various flavors can be sampled. Each student can then pursue a deeper dive on the concepts that resonate with him/her. This program is ideal for any individual that is seeking a way to activate a daily spiritual practice. Spiritual awareness will be enhanced through learning enriching rituals and simple ceremonies that can be performed each day or for special occasions.   

Soul School is a mentor program that includes wisdom from Energy Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanism, Indigenous Spirituality, Ceremonial Crafts, Ritual, and Metaphysical Principles. The participants become a community of like-minded souls and mentor each other through experiential exercises.

Soul School will inspire your soul with these exciting offerings:

Part 1: SOUTH - Release from Victimhood: Soul Restoration & Rejuvenation (4 Days)
Subjects include
: Energy Medicine & Energy Body Tune-ups; Shamanic Practices; Soul Protection; Soul Clearing; Smudging; Sacred Space Creation; Power Animal Retrieval; Cutting Cords & Breaking Obsolete Contracts/Vows; Radical Forgiveness; Crystal Grids; and Despacho & Fire Ceremony

Part 2: WEST - Self-Empowerment: Soul Remembering & Extractions (3 Days)
Subjects include
: Soul Stages & Levels; Vibration Scales; Psychic Protection & Extractions; Past Life Remembrances & Between Life Journeys

Part 3: NORTH - Self-Referencing & Self-Sourcing: Soul Retrieval, Soul Theft, & Soul Release (3 Days)
Subjects include
: Structural Clearing & Blessing; Skeleton Dance; Empowering the Self; Soul Retrieval; Soul Theft; and Soul Release

Part 4: EAST - Sourcing from Spirit: Flying Shamans & Soul Flight (3 Days)
Subjects include
: Meridian Tapping; Ethics and Legal Issues of Healing Practices; Activating the Light Body, Pineal Gland, and DNA; Mesa Manifesting & Divination; Soul Flight; and Death Rites

Part 5: CENTER – Advanced Studies (2+ Days)
Subjects include
: Chacana Cosmology – Chumpi Stones – Q’osqo Energy - Creating Medicine Wheels & Prayer Trees - Vision Quest

Also included in each part of the curriculum is: making spirit crafts, receiving energetic rites, and creating a medicine bundle. Participants receive comprehensive handouts and homework assignments. Participants that complete all 4 parts will receive a Certificate of Completion for 90 hours of Soul Work in Shamanic Energy Medicine.

Reasons that you might want to take this training are:

To find and/or activate your gift
To develop a personal spiritual practice
To experience a personal growth program
To use healing techniques to augment your current profession
To learn healing techniques to use with self, family, friends, and clients
To bust through blocks that have been holding you back from realizing your dreams

The benefits to taking my classes are: 

  Economical tuition costs
 Small intimate classes with personal coaching/mentoring
 Meeting others in order to form a community of like-minded people
 Convenient training times include evenings and weekends for working people

Don’t struggle with short-lived resolutions. Create long-term transformations by giving yourself a soul make-over in Soul School: A Shamanic Mystery School.

"When you begin to feel you are a spiritual being which, in fact, you are, you begin to activate the medicine wheel in your life." -Tony Ten Fingers, Wanbli Nata'u, Oglala Lakota


View Short Video about Soul School

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Linda Backman – Bringing Your Soul to Light
Coleen Deatsman – The Hollow Bone
Michael Harner - The Way of the Shaman
Alberto Villoldo - Shaman, Healer, Sage

Cyndi Dale – The Subtle Body & The Subtle Body Practice Manual
Donna Eden – Energy Medicine & The Energy Medicine Kit
Stephen D Farmer – Animal Spirit Guides
John Friedlander & Gloria Hemsher - Basic Psychic Development
Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life
Sandra Ingerman & Hank Wesselman – Awakening to the Spirit World
Colin Tipping – Radical Forgiveness
Joan Parisi Wilcox - Masters of the Living Energy




Learn the most popular form of energy medicine.

10 am to 5 pm each day
Date & Location TBD

Read more about Reiki Training here.

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Agenda for Reiki Training:

 Reiki Level 1 includes:
General Information about Energy Medicine & Reiki: Definition, Levels or Degrees, Principles, Benefits
History of Reiki
Reiki Hand Positions
Reiki 1 Attunement

 Reiki Level 2 includes:
Reiki Symbols
Meeting Your Reiki Guide
Giving Long Distance Reiki
Reiki 2 Attunement

 Reiki Level 3 includes:
Becoming a Teaching Reiki Master
Master Reiki Symbols
How to Give Attunements
Master Reiki Attunement

 Reference Material includes:
Reiki Lineage
California Law on Reiki Practice
Bibliography & Links
The Reiki Touch Kit
Consent Forms

Diane Stein – Essential Reiki

Nina L. Paul - Reiki for Dummies
William Lee Rand – The Reiki Touch Kit
Llyn Roberts and Robert Levy – Shamanic Reiki




Discover what your Gender Energy Quotient is, how our gender and sexual identities are becoming fluid, how to integrate your Divine Masculinity and Femininity, and how the Energy Body and Physical Body relate to each other. Experience a guided journey to meet your energy body.


Take a guided journey through the afterlife and then return to incarnation. Concepts of psychopomps, time, dimensions, and brain wave states, ways to tap into past life memories, how past life therapy through hypnosis works, reasons to experience a past life session, and typical questions that would be asked in a session.


Learn about the different aspects of shamanic energy medicine including: the functions of shamans, energy medicine, energetic dis-functions and their solutions. Go on a guided journey for grounding and protection or to meet your power animal retrieval.

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Coming Soon!


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Dancing Drum Community Circle
Clayton CA

Come play with the heartbeat of Spirit. This community circle is a gathering of shamanic and spiritually inclined individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We come together to drum, rattle, journey, and share medicine.
Other activities include guided meditations, heart circles, despacho ceremony, fire ceremony, divination & card reading, spirit crafts, clearing ceremonies, and Reiki/energy medicine shares.

How To Do Despacho
SF East Bay CA
Nov 15, 2014
The Ecstatic Path
of the Peaceful Warrior Retreat

Saratoga Springs CA
May 8 - 11 2014

Tapping Techniques for Health and Prosperity
SF East Bay
Reincarnation Journeys Workshop
SF East Bay CA
Feb 10, 2014
Reiki & Shamanic Energy Medicine Classes plus Past Life Regression Sessions
Oahu HI
Aug 24 - Sep 2, 2013
How to Do Drumming Circles
Turlock CA
Aug 17, 2013
Retreat: The Sacred Body
Saratoga Springs CA
May 10 - 12, 2013




Creating Ceremonial Arts, Potluck, & Fire Ceremony:
Day of the Dead Corn Husk Dolls & Spirit Traps (Part 3)
Brentwood CA

Creating Ceremonial Arts, Potluck, & Fire Ceremony:
Prayer Sticks & Prayer Ties (Part 1)
Brentwood CA

Jun 9, 2012


Creating Ceremonial Arts, Potluck, & Fire Ceremony:
Dressing Candles & Mojo Bags (Part 2)
Brentwood CA

Jul 13, 2012
Retreat: Love Messages
Saratoga Springs CA
May 11 - 13, 2012
Mayan Fire Ceremony
Clayton CA
Dec 27, 2011
Despacho Ceremony at Many Lights MCC
San Francisco CA
Nov 3, 2011
Peruvian Fire Ceremony
Clayton CA
Oct 22, 2011
Despacho Ceremony at AIDS Grove
San Francisco CA
Aug 8, 2010
Dreaming the Energetic Body Workshop
San Francisco CA
Dec 5, 2009
Connecting with Your Personal Spirits Workshop
San Francisco CA
May 23, 2009

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